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28 Jan, 2018

New Brand images and categories

  1. Our image library is expanding, with new brand images chosen to create a more distinctive and memorable style for our communications. These fall across three distinct styles explained below, more will be added over the coming weeks;

    Level 1: Global themes and future challenges
    This photography is epic, surprising and big picture, both in its subject and art direction. This imagery helps us to convey our purpose and the ?big picture? of global challenges our clients and wider society face and which our work helps to solve. Use level 1 imagery for brand led communications and channels that explain our work and One LR.

    Level 2: Real World and scene setting
    This photography is recognisably from our world and our customers? but always shot in an imaginative and refreshing way. It celebrates our customers? industries and our work using dramatic crops and key focus points to inspire and create a sense of cutting edge industry know-how. Use level 2 imagery to capture our work in specific service and sectors.

    Level 3: Close up and detials driven
    This photography is more abstract and pattern based, revealing the rich world of our business. Technical and specialist content is best supported with a level 3 image, demonstrating a relentless focus on detail or helping to bring to life an abstract theme like analytics.


    Editorial images:
    All our other existing images have been placed in the editorial section and can still be used for filling content. These images can easily be searcheed for specific subjects or activities.

    Specific folders ave also been created for the Foundation; new style Thought Leadership portraits,  environmental issues; our heritage and health and safety.


    We are constantly working to improve and update our site and it?s important that any new images that are purchased are stored here - so please ensure you load up new images that you commission or purchase, with any usage restrictions.

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